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We cover the entire gamut of IPR-related cases. This includes Patents, Trademark, Copyright Design-related infringements and offences in close Co-ordination with our Legal Advisor, whose services are absolutely independent and confidential. We advise and initiate criminal prosecution on behalf of the client, and also ask them to take resources to civil remedies in appropriate cases.We pinpoint the party responsible and accurately describe the dealers responsible for distribution network of the spurious products in order to take effective court action, like obtaining warrants for raids.


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I Entrusted A Post Matrimonial Investigation To One Of The Detective Agency Which Made Big Promises Earlier
But After Giving The Advance Money Did Not Care To Even Receive My Call. After Weeks Of Struggle And Fight I Gave Up. After Hearing An Interview Of Secret Detective Agency On Radio Mirchi, I Thought Of Taking A Second Chance. I Was Surprised By The Professionalism Of Gdl. No False Promises.I Got More Than What I Was Expecting From The Investigation.

Mrs. Minakshi From Mumbai